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Nirvana Crystal


Himalayan Ice Crystal

Not too long ago, a dear friend gave me a tiny stone as a special gift.  I almost had the impression it may not be a stone at all, it is so unusual looking.  I almost had a fear that it may melt if I held it for too long.  Although I knew it was odd-looking and although I had listened to what my friend had to say about it, I didn’t fully comprehend until what the secrets of the Nirvana Crystal was.  Now, that some time has passed and I have worked with it , I would not want to miss this “stone”.

High up in the mountains, there is the Kullu Pass, the area is also known for the home of the Goddess Temple.  Underneath the glaciers you can find some of the most amazingly delicate crystals known as the Nirvana or Himalayan Ice Crystal.  This truly ancient gem is extracted by hand and carried over a very long distance.  The locals in Nepal call it the “Eye of God” and believe that from all the known crystals, this one has the most exposure to the celestial bodies ever since the onset of time.  For this reason, it is programmed for anyone seeking enlightenment.

They only have been recently available to us, so many spiritual people therefore believe that these gems have been waiting for the right time to emerge and show themselves to us and is considered to be the super crystal of the new age.

It is a very unique type of quartz; almost strange.  It lacks the regular 6-sided prismatic bodies we see on other crystals, they almost seem jagged.  Some are shaped like a small wand, while others can be thick and rather stubby in their appearance.  Some of them hold tiny windows showing spiral growth patterns.  The crystal has indentations, irregularities and grooves along its surfaces and comes in delicate pink or in white color.  The pink version holds the female energy and is assigned to the heart chakra while  the white hold the male energy flow and the third eye.

Metaphysically, the Ice Crystal has a very powerful energy and is nurturing as well as protective.  It will also automatically align our chakras.  The best form of meditation is done with both colors, the pink is held to your heart and the white on your third eye.  However, don’t do yourself a disfavor and limit yourself by working exclusively with a duo.  One alone will do wonders for you as well.  It will bring you deep inner silence and help you in reaching your destiny.  The crystal can be a conduit for inner illumination and awakening, for the total understanding and silencing the inner chatter.  It can aid you with traumas and difficult changes and it will remind you that you are a being of light.

Regardless if you have one or two Nirvana Crystals, you will feel blessed having them.  Even those who cannot feel the energy signature of other crystals should be able to feel the power within the Nirvana Ice Crystal

Selenite brings Serenity


Pure Love

gypsum, variety selenite

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This sweet stone with its lovely shimmer  gives off a gently vibration, a fine energy.  For some it is hard to feel for some and it may indeed take a while for it to transform our own energy but it is worth the time and effort you put into this translucent stone.  It instills peace and brings clarity of the mind.  It  clears confusion and filters out our ego based thoughts and disperses erratic emotions.  I keep a large piece in the center of my home to ensure a peaceful setting.

Selenite is great for meditation and spiritual work.  It is claimed that it enhances telepathy between persons holding a piece of selenite each.  The white Selenite in its etherial quality is so pure as if it is between light and matter.  Selenite comes in many colors, white, orange, green, blue and others.  All varieties hold their own quality and are all worth keeping in your home.  Since it opens the crown chakra, it will invite angelic consciousness.

Selenite is assigned to the 7th chakra.  The 7th chakra is the direct connection to our higher consciousness, it also connects us to all that is around us, all forms of life.

Weaning Moon

Follow the Gray Brick Road

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Weaning Moon

This phase starts 3-7 days after the Full Moon.  The energies are getting increasingly weaker, although it signals a great time to take action, be active and mobile.  This is also the phase most suitable for anything about releasing, exhaling, letting go and separating.  Want to lose weight?  Do so now.  End a relationship?  Do so now. Ditch a bad habit?  Now is the right time.  Now is the time to turn off the negative energy of others around you.  The often feared visits to your dentist is best during the weaning moon, however not when the moon is in the Taurus or Aries sign.

All rituals in this phase are targeted towards ending things, eliminating negative energies and letting go.  Your development of psychic gifts benefits the most during this moon phase as well as divination with mirrors, crystal spheres, runes and water.  Banishing spells of course, are most effective now as well.

I love Apple Cider Vinegar!


More on Apple Cider Vinegar


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yes, I use it a lot in everyday situations plus I drink it.  My mother turned me onto it, she has been drinking a tonic mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar for over 40 years every single day and her doctor is always amazed that her arteries are as free and clear as a 20 year old’s.  She swears on it and the results speak for themselves.  I’ve been making my drink off and on, this time I have been on this regiment for about 1 year.  There are some variations out on the web, all more or less the same though. I like mine as follows:

  • one glass of hot water
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

I drink it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  I drink it overall health, it supports the circulatory health, eliminates toxic waste from tissues and, as stated above, keeps arteries clean from build up.

Some say that the Apple Cider Vinegar should be double fermented, not distilled or pasteurized, they say that the extra processing destroys the vitamins, nutrients and trace minerals  within the fermentation which are important to aid in weight loss, and I believe that.  If your goal is to lose some weight, then go for the double fermented version, but then you need to drink a glass prior to every meal to make it most effective.

Lapis Lazuli



cristaux de lazurite (=lapis-lazuli)

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was the name given to the stone by the Greek up until the Middle Ages and in Latin, it is refered to as the blue stone. Lapis Lazuli carries the vibration of the Number 3 and belongs to Sagittarius in the zodiac sign.   The chakras it is mostly used on is the 5th & 6th (Third Eye and Throat), hence element Wind.  Should you seek higher mind, this would be one of  your best choices since it is associated with the 3rd Eye.  This stone works very well with Moldavite for this purpose.   It enhances dream work and all types of psychic abilities as well.  It is a stress release and  brings inner peace.  If you wish to know your own inner divinity, work with the Lapis.   Traditionally this stone is used to connect with the Gods, so if you are eager for knowledge and understanding, work with the Lapis Lazuli.  It is no wonder why many see royal virtues within this stone.

It is believed that Lapis soothes   migraines, overcomes depression, cleanses organs and lowers blood pressure.  It supports the thyroid, larynx, thymus and immune system.

Herbal Skin Tonic


Tone with nature

Calendula officinalis flower

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Skin care products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, even those that claim to be “all natural” .  Since our skin is our largest organ we should not clog it with all those harsh chemicals, many of which serve no purpose at all.  Making our own natural skin care products is guaranteed fresh, pure and  affordable.

Use 1 teaspoon of the dried herb or 3 teaspoons of the fresh if available and add to 1 cup of boiling water.  Let it sit for 15 minutes and then strain, let cool.  Fill into a glass bottle and keep in the fridge.  The tonic will only last for four days, so don’t make too much at one time.

Dry skin: Camomile flowers, lavender

Mature skin: Lemon balm leaves and Calendula flowers

Oily skin:  Myrtle and Rosemary leaves

Acne prone skin: Comfrey leaves and Red clover flowers

Skin Care


Skin Brightner

quickly prepared and lasts for a week in the fridge.


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1/2 cup of cream or milk

1/2 lemon juice

1-2  teaspoon brandy

whisk together and with a cotton pad dab on clean face and neck.  Let sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.  I use it once in the morning and once at night.  Feels wonderful!  Afterwards I apply moisturizer as usual.   I suggest to stir if every time prior to use.



Mental Enhancer


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The fluorescence property within this stone has given it its name and is categorized to the element Wind.  The colors vary from clear, white, red, black but most commonly known in green.  It has been refered to as the  vacuum cleaner of the psyche and clears away any astral hanger-ons’ who like to make mischief to your surrounding. Fluorite is known to protect teeth from decay and ache.  It is used to ease inflammation, arthritis, helps against flu and supports the thyroid.

Each color specifies  special properties.  The yellow fluorite magnifies the mental powers and strengthens intellectual abilities while the black is the master in astral cleansing.  The green sibling cleanses and heals the heart chakra and brings balance when the mind speaks differently than the heart. Any of these can be used in conjunction with other stones to enhance the goal you are trying to achieve.  This is a great stone for school and college kids, for it aids in memorization and retaining information and settles worried thoughts and confusion

Lightworkers and healers like this stone, it lets us access to the higher energy field levels.  It helps us to activate both hemispheres of the brain and let them work together.

September Moon


Harvest Moon

belongs to Dionysos, the Greek God of Wine & Celebrations.  He is also the son of the Moon.  Meet with friends, enjoy the purple juice or the grapes and give a salute to the deities and be merry.  September is also the last burst of nature with all its beauty, color, energy and vitality before the long winter months of rest and reinvention sets in.

The Moon – Part III


The Full Moon

During the days of the full moon all of our body cells are on maximum intake, it is sort of like being in a pressure cooker.  This time is most unsuitable for any sort of operation and dental extractions, the blood flow would be strong and more difficult to control.

Many of us have a hard time falling asleep or finding a deep and restful slumber at all.   All sort of accidents happen more so during the full moon any other time, along with road rage, heated arguments and violence.  Babies are born at a higher rate during this lunar phase as well.  Magic practiced now is most energy laden, and any kind of divination is loud and clear.  Herbs harvested during the full moon are strong in their potency.

Full Moon 19/03/2011

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