From my Altar – with Love

Amethysts & Rosequarz

Amethysts & Rosequarz

Amethyst and Rosequarz

As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, I am looking out my window at North Florida in bloom. The ancient camellia bushes are covered with pink, red and white blossoms. Redbud trees are in blushing bright pink and some places you can find azaleas in full bloom. It might still be January, but spring is making its come-back! Some of us have been swimming in the springs last week during the lovely 80 degree days as our woodland violets send up their delicate lavender blossoms. Violet leaves are heart-shaped, so they are a perfect reminder of love.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better token of affection to the Goddess than a crystal or gemstone jewelry chosen with love? I have set up my alter with Amethysts with hues of purple from palest of lavender to deep velvety richness. I have mixed in Rosequarz of course to create the perfect combination.

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