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October Moon/Samhain



witch flying over pumpkin during full moon by ron byrum

witch flying over pumpkin during full moon by ron byrum

The October moon is also called the  Hunter’s Moon or the Blood Moon.  It is also the month when our planet withdraws energy and prepares nature for  annual slumber.  The nights are getting longer and our desire to nestle down for the dark period has increased.

I enjoy October for the magic it holds along with the traditions and rituals surrounding the month.  Samhain is usually celebrated on the New Moon, for 2011 this would be on October 26th, but somewhere along the way, it settled in for October 31st hence becoming for what it is known for today – Halloween.

Samhain is of Celtic origin and has little to do with ghouls, demons and terror.  However, it does signal death.  The leaves are falling from the trees, plants are fading, fields lie bare, livestock have been brought in from the pastures and nature all around us exhales. Samhain is celebrated for three days; to me the entire month is mystical.   It is also the Celtic New Year since it lies directly across from the Beltane celebrations and therefore completes the circle.  You may think of it as Yin & Yang, white and dark.  During this period we think about anything we may have left unsolved or unsettled for the past 12 months and make attempts to put them to rest.  Once that is done, we can move on to making resolutions for the New Year.  I write my wishes on paper, fold it thrice and throw them into the bonfire after a brief meditation.  Samhain is also the time when the realms of the living and the dead is very thin and communication is at its easiest.  Many of us celebrate this time in the memory of our departed and honor our ancestors. Since the veil is so thin you can expect to hear within your heart the advice and guidance of family members being passed on to you.  Personally, I bring out my grandmother’s set of wooden cook spoons, my grandfather’s photograph and some other personal items of various members who have crossed over.  I display these items on an altar decorated with acorns, chrysanthemums and candles.

I practice several rituals throughout the month, I honor the God and Goddess by putting out some water and bread on my house stoop, I honor my ancestors as stated above and I perform a protection ritual for my pets.  I celebrate the cycle of Life and Death as well.  Needless to say I do also enjoy the fun aspects of Samhain too, the dress up for Halloween, the candy corn and the Jack-o-Lanterns, although these traditions evolved much later in the timeline of Samhain.

It wasn’t until the 8th century or so, when the Catholic Church declared November 1st as All Saints Day.  Since the pagans were already celebrating anyway, the Church decided to use the Celtic celebration as a church holiday, reasoning that this way they could eradicate the pagan holiday all together.  All Saints Day became the day to honor any saint who did not have a day dedicated to him/her already.  The mass which was said on November 1st was the Allhollowmass (= the mass of all who are hallowed).  The eve of Allhollowmass was – you’ve guessed it – All Hallows Eve (= Halloween).

Weaning Moon

Follow the Gray Brick Road

Image by catface3 via Flickr

Weaning Moon

This phase starts 3-7 days after the Full Moon.  The energies are getting increasingly weaker, although it signals a great time to take action, be active and mobile.  This is also the phase most suitable for anything about releasing, exhaling, letting go and separating.  Want to lose weight?  Do so now.  End a relationship?  Do so now. Ditch a bad habit?  Now is the right time.  Now is the time to turn off the negative energy of others around you.  The often feared visits to your dentist is best during the weaning moon, however not when the moon is in the Taurus or Aries sign.

All rituals in this phase are targeted towards ending things, eliminating negative energies and letting go.  Your development of psychic gifts benefits the most during this moon phase as well as divination with mirrors, crystal spheres, runes and water.  Banishing spells of course, are most effective now as well.

September Moon


Harvest Moon

belongs to Dionysos, the Greek God of Wine & Celebrations.  He is also the son of the Moon.  Meet with friends, enjoy the purple juice or the grapes and give a salute to the deities and be merry.  September is also the last burst of nature with all its beauty, color, energy and vitality before the long winter months of rest and reinvention sets in.

The Moon – Part III


The Full Moon

During the days of the full moon all of our body cells are on maximum intake, it is sort of like being in a pressure cooker.  This time is most unsuitable for any sort of operation and dental extractions, the blood flow would be strong and more difficult to control.

Many of us have a hard time falling asleep or finding a deep and restful slumber at all.   All sort of accidents happen more so during the full moon any other time, along with road rage, heated arguments and violence.  Babies are born at a higher rate during this lunar phase as well.  Magic practiced now is most energy laden, and any kind of divination is loud and clear.  Herbs harvested during the full moon are strong in their potency.

Full Moon 19/03/2011

Image by Nikonmania via Flickr

The Moon – Part II


Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon slides

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For about 11,6 days the moon grows bigger, which means she is waxing.  After the dark moon, which is a period of rest  and going inward, follows the waxing moon.  Body and soul are rested and ready for new challenges.

Anything done during this time will be absorbed like a sponge.  Starting any sort of diet during this time will not take hold since we tend to gain weight during the waxing moon.  However, targeted skin care will be especially beneficial as well as sort of detoxing.  Energy for new projects or courage to face problems and addictions are now the strongest.

This phase is also ideal for all charms, spells and Lightwork were the main focus are on improving, enhancing, friendship, healing and protection.

The Moon


Dark Moon

The moonless nights are also  refered to as the New Moon.  The new or dark moon  resembles the end as well as the beginning.  These three nights bring peace, silence and balance.   If you are in the process of wanting to start something new, such as a diet, sending out resumes, a job interview or sowing and planting should do so during this moon phase

Root vegetables are best harvested during this time, they are most beneficial in nutrients and energy.

The dark moon phase is also best for reversing spells (always be sure there is one there to begin with).

Moon in Libra

Libra Symbol

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September 1st.  Hard to believe that we are well into the second half of the year.  Samhain is just around the corner.  Well, today the moon is in Libra, the youngest of the modern Zodiac signs.  Libra is also  the only one not to represent a living creature. It is said, that Libra represents the scales held by the Greek goddess of justice – Astraea.

 The Metal linked to Libra is cooper and in Numerology it is tied to the Number 8 and belongs to the element air and the color is orange.

 In the 2 or 3 days the moon is in Libra all that you do for your kidneys and bladder have twice the effect.  Avoid operations on these days for the same reasons.  The same holds true for your hips.