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You eat clean, do you clean green?


Dorak, the MagnificentAh, it is so nice for a change to look out the window and see the ground wet.  This is Florida’s  Dry Season, so every rain drop is highly appreciated.

As much I enjoy the freshness the rain brings it does cause a little bit extra work within my home.  I am the pet parent of three active dogs and days like this means I am mopping the floors several times a day.

This brought me onto the idea of writing a bit about how to reclaim the sacredness of the kitchen.  I will write specifically about the kitchen being the heart of any home at a later time, now I would like to focus on the cleaning.

I understand that cleaning “green” has led to a new awareness on the products we use, which is great, however I have noticed that many of the products claiming to be “all natural” are still abrasive and aggressive.  Earth-friendly  products sold in Health Food Stores are fine, but I still don’t buy them, I make my own.  My household products of choice have never been inspired by the “Go Green” Trend but by my spiritual convictions.  As a practicing witch, I’ve always respected Mother Earth and over the decades, it has become second nature. Today’s newly drive to feel connected with our inner self and with the planet we  share allows me to offer you a new perspective on a chore many wish to get done with as quickly as possible.  There is magic in the simplest task.

Nothing discourages rooting and being grounded as toxic and carcinogenic chemicals used in your home and a kitchen smelling like the local pool.  Mixing up Baking Soda with  fresh lemon to scouring the sink doesn’t cost a lot of time or money and it leaves you with the feeling of living in a healthy home.

Actually, I don’t use much more than White Vinegar, Salt and a dash of dish liquid.  I do add various ingredients, depending on what I wish to accomplish – after all I am not just cleaning but I am weaving a purpose into my action as well.

Sometimes I make a strong herbal infusion and add that to my cleaning water.  The aroma and good energy will go a long way towards making my kitchen and home feel connected to Mother Earth.  I just throw a handful herbs into some boiling water, let it steep, then strain right into the bucket.  The herbs correspond to various wishes and desires and here I will list only a few:

Cinnamon: The primal home-and-hearth spice and corresponds with a happy home, healing and protection.  Please only use the sticks, the powder will make a mess.

Basil:  Associated with wealth and fidelity.  Also has the luscious summery scent of yummy pesto.

Angelica:  As name states, it corresponds with the Angelic Realm and invites them into your home.  Also brings purification and blessings.

Lemon Peel: No matter if you go with fresh or dried.  Very uplifting and cleanses away negativity (one of my favorites).

Rosemary:  Also clears out negativity and encourages clear thinking

Salt:  Another favorite of mine and a staple for any witch.  Purification and protection.  If I have no time to prepare an herbal tea for the cleaning water, salt is always in my cleaning water.  I will however,  add  a dash of Florida Water for the fresh aroma and for the magical properties.

Once my home is physically clean I don’t forget to clear the atmosphere and let the smoke of a sage braid waft into every corner of the home, room and into the cupboards as well.  I usually enjoy a rush of serenity and well-being after my tasks are done and I welcome the spirits which I had asked to come.