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Imbolc, Brighid and Poetry

Brighid's Cross - Imbolc Altar

Brighid’s Cross – Imbolc Altar (Photo credit: alisonleighlilly)

I had wanted to post this on the day of Imbolc but as it turns out, I am a bit late.Some of us acknowledged Imbolc a few days ago, signifying the first day of spring in the ancient celtic religion.  Groundhog Day today, is a leftover from those beliefs, also Candlemas celebrated by some stems from Imbolc.  Although the sources differ on the meaning of Imbolc,  “ewe’s milk” or “in the belly”  –  either way it signals lactating sheep and the beginning of spring.

Those living in the countries still covered with snow and ice may beg to differ, spring seems to be still far away, but the days are growing longer and most of the unseen activity is taken place under the ground.  Imbolc is the celebration of the strengthening of the sun and the awaking of the seeds from their deep winter sleep.

The fiery Irish goddess Brighid or Brid (meaning Bright One) is honored on Imbolc.  She is the goddess of healing, smithcraft and of poetry. She is the keeper of the sacred flame and guardian of the hearth.  Purification and cleaning are associated with her.  When Christianity swept over Ireland, the old gods and goddesses were not forgotten by the people of the land and so the Church had to make concessions and allow the worship of such as Brighid.  Today, she is known as St. Brigid and many churches carry her name.

A poem for that day goes as follows:

Thig an nathair as an toll
la donn Bride
Ged robh tri traighean dh’an
Air leachd an lair

Translation for all Non-Gaelics:

The serpent will come from the hole
on the brown day of Brighid
though there may be three feet of snow
On the surface of the ground.

Living off juice

frischgepreßter Karottensaft

frischgepreßter Karottensaft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us have taken on one  New Year Resolution, maybe two, which the goal in mind to improve ourselves.  Stop smoking, eating healthier, more exercise.  Last year mine was to eat better, although I never really had an unhealthy diet to begin with.  This year I want to expand on that, after all, there is always room for improvement, right?

Last year I replaced one solid  meal with a liquid one. I dug out my juicer and reread an old book I had brought with me from Germany many years ago which listed the benefit of every fruit and vegetable and ailments it could cure once juiced.  This has nothing to do with juice fasting for weight loss nor for detoxing, this had to do with a lifestyle change, although the results do include eliminating toxins and slimming down.

Why juice all my produce?  I could steam or make stir-frys, that’s healthy, right?  Well, most of the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients break down when heated and are destroyed entirely by 54 celsius.  The result is, that these foods once consumed, settle and cause blockages in the body which again, result in arthritis, hemorrhoids, gallbladder and kidney problems just  to list a few.  Also, foods containing calcium must be organic, not added, refined or enhanced.  Once an organic food containing calcium has been heated, enhanced or whatever, it will automatically change into inorganic molecules and these do not deliver any sort of assistance our body needs to regenerate.

From my experience over the last year I have noticed a significant decrease in my headaches,  I have suffered from those several times per months for as long I can remember, even though I was drinking plenty of water.    Headaches are not only caused by not having enough water in your system but includes a deficit in nutrients as  found in carrots and in spinach.  Actually, a headache is only one of 200 symptoms when our bodies has been overloaded with toxins.  Any headache should be an alarm to you to cleanse your body thoroughly and to balance the blood.

My basic go-to juice is a combination of carrots/red beets/apples or carrots/apples/cucumber, they cover the most of what my body needs; however,  for this new year I will expand into other combo additions such as Brussel sprout, sellerie or dandelion.

The red beet, as an example, is  valuable for producing red blood cells, which raises our all around well-being.  A mix of 1/2 quart of  carrot/red beet per day  is especially recommended for women.  When juicing the red beet, you can use all of it,personally,  I don’t bother to peel it – I juice the stalk and leaves as well.  Just remember to wash all of your produce.  When starting with red beets, I recommend smaller amounts to begin with, since it has a high cleansing effect on the liver and may cause dizziness.  Mixed with carrots the juice supplies phosphor, sulfur along with kalium and other alkyne elements. Together with its high content of Vitamin A it is the ideal mix for creating great blood cells.

Carrots balances all body functions and is one of the best sources of Vitamin A, plenty of vitamin B, C, D, G and K.  As a juice the body can absorb vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients much faster and use were needed.  Carrot juice is good for digestive purposes, strengthens bones and teeth, not to mention eye health.  It also is a natural opponent for ulcers and it strengthens our resistance towards  infections.  It protects the nervous system and is by far one of the best sort of food your body can receive.

The list could go on and on.  Nature has everything we need to combat illnesses and each fruit or vegetable has its own unique gift.  Sellerie juice is wonderful for all who have consumed a lot of sugars, starches and carbs – all of our worst foods in today’s society.  It never was nature’s’ intention to convert these “foods” into nourishment for our cells and tissues.  The results of that can be easily seen today.  Sellerie is rich in healthy (organic) nitrates, which our body needs to keep cells hydrated.  It also has a key function to prevent the blood and lymphoid liquids becoming too thick. Not to forget, that it plays an important role eliminating all carbon dioxide from our body.  A deficiency of organic nitrate results in bronchial and lung problems, which is enhanced by those who smoke.  It will also result in premature aging.  Sellerie juice can have phenomenal results with our nervous system as well.

Nearly anything can be juiced, with the exception of avocado, bananas, kiwis and anything with that sort of texture.  You can juice kale, lettuce, radishes, potatoes, herbs, bell peppers, mustard leaves, squash, brussel sprouts and many more.  Other than buying quality produce, washing them well, I don’t bother with peeling, cutting off stems, stalks or leaves, nor do I cut out the apple core.  I juice it all.

For this year I want to increase my liquid diet from 32 oz per day to 48/52 oz and with the exception of eggs for protein, I will only eat pure foods and those should be in  raw form as much as possible.  Looking back to last year, the benefits I have enjoyed, I am really excited to make my switch over to liquid foods as much as I can.  From spiritual perspective it is believed, that humans will go from meat eaters to vegetarian, from vegetarian to vegan and from vegan over to liquid nourishment.  Once we make our transition from carbon based beings to crystalline beings we will take another step from liquid foods to drinking in light.  Just think how many people you know in your surroundings who have already decided to go vegetarian or vegan – perhaps there is something to this theory, don’t you think?

New Year is here!


Happy 2013 to all!

The old year surely has brought us many challenges and obstacles.  We have been witnessing the cracking of our various social structures, many of uprisings and breaking away of old thought patterns.

Many of us have chosen to reevaluate our purpose in life, which meant dealing with resolving reoccurring issues in our lives and blockages we have within ourselves.  It has meant diving into the depths, viewing absolutely everything we have tried so hard to ignore, forget, bury and feared.  There is a lot of muck to wade through.  Going through this process myself, I can say, it hasn’t been easy nor pretty but necessary for bringing in the balance.

Many of us wish to  cast off the false matrix our world has been trapped in and reconnect with the Divine PlanGaia too, has been hard at work at making her transition into the next level.  She is eager for us to understand  her not only as a planet but a personality and her own consciousness.    A  global awakening is now taking hold and we should welcome these tumultuous times that come with it, instead of giving into fear.  Fear will keep us locked in the matrix and not allow us to develop our own spiritual consciousness.  However, we also need to stay sceptical and continue  looking behind the curtains, question everything.  A lot  of what has been sold to us as being beneficial to Mother Earth or the Global Community  is in fact more about restricting and keeping us within the Matrix –  it just has a pleasant sounding name to a negative agenda.  Much of the “New Age” stuff actually is intentional disinformation to keep us confused and unsure.

Going over my article I realized how much I got off topic.  I started out wanting to talk about New Year Resolutions and foods, but I will not rewrite, I am sure there is a purpose why I drifted onto this subject.  Blessed be and a grand 2013!

Hello all!


I hope all of you have been doing well and life has been treating you kindly.  Can you believe it is almost May already?  Wow, time is flying back quickly…

A lot of things have been going on, for one I am happy to introduce two new affiliations.  I have joined up with two beautiful and energetic ladies who share common interest and goals, and  I am so excited to work with them, so let me introduce these beautiful stars!

Andreana lives in England. offers several Healing Programs, Color Charts, Angel Learning SeriesSoul Readings and Spiritual Life Coaching.  She also works with animals, mainly rescued horses which live on her property and she lets sick children build a relationship with the horses.  This enables both, the horses as well as the children to heal.  She also offers life changing weight loss methods that truly lasts!  The things I have listed are actually one a few of the wonderful things she does and I am so blessed since our paths crossed.  Andreana is a magnificent spirit.  I encourage all to check her out, she has various websites:

You can also find her on Twitter,  @Andreana_Ocean, it is so worth connecting with her, so please do! Once you do please let her know that I, Onyx,  have sent you!

The second introduction is all about Hibiscus Moon, her Bio line: Hibiscus Moon is an author, workshop creatrix, teacher, mystical goddess & crystal junkie who LOVES teaching about crystals. As a self-admitted complete & total science geek, she brings a dose (maybe a smidge more than a dose) of science to the topic of crystal healing, while trying to make sure we’re all still having lots & lots of FUN!

She offers various classes regarding crystals, from the very basic like cleansing and charging them, which ones are ideal for making elixiers up to how to create grids and many other useful tips.  She offers courses as well (some are even ON DEMAND courses!) and of course you can purchase crystals.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Crystal Healing Courses” border=”0″ /></a>

Let’s have a great time – hope to see you guys there!

Blessed Be!