Medival Lady with Crystal Sphere

Print of a Medieval Lady with Crystal Sphere

Hello and welcome to my page, my name is Onyx and I am a newcomer at blogging and I would like to share my experience and love for various metaphysical and spiritual things to those who are interested. 

Although I am well into my 40’s, my introduction to these things was in my childhood years.  My grandmother on my mother’s side used to let me join her when she would wander out into the Bavarian forest collecting such things as young pine needles in the spring which we would boil down to a  cough and bronchitis syrup for the cold months.  We would collect ripe elderberries in the fall and make a sauce for dishes with game such as pheasant or rabbit but it was also used for medicinal purposes as well.  She was what we today call a herbalist but very much would have been considered a witch in a long bygone period.   

My mother never was much of an outdoor type, nor did she know the mystery of  the healing powers within a dandelion, her interest was that of a different source.  She enjoyed the energetic properties of crystals, yoga, esoteric literature and various workshops and seminars to which she invited me to join her on many occasions.  I did learn a lot in those workshops but I quickly understood, that the key lies within yourself.  If you don’t truly seek within yourself first and foremost, then all those workshops are just useless info and you will be chasing one class right after the other  – an expensive addiction many have fallen for.  I have met many in those workshops who pressured themselves into feeling, sensing or channeling, not understanding that they were blocking themselves from the spiritual growth they were seeking so much.   

I was blessed to grow up in a setting where “New Age” or whatever you may call it  – was encouraged.   I remember many of deep and long-drawn discussions and theorizing with family members.  New Age – hmm.  To me there never was anything new about it, it was ancient, old wisdom and I felt it calling  me.  Runners, or guides came my way whenever I was ready to receive.  As an adult I was welcomed into the personal coven of a Highpriestess, another time my path crossed with several Tibetan monks. I also had the honor to listen to a member of the White Brotherhood. Mind you, they came to me, I never went out searching for them, this is how I know that they were guides sent my way to help me to grow and to learn.

Since you my friend, have stumbled upon my page I assume you were brought here by one of your runners (even Einstein once said there is no such thing as a coincidence) and so  I feel humbled to share my experience with you to help you on your journey,   

Blessed be,


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