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The Citrine

Anchoring in the Golden Light for 2013

Anchoring in the Golden Light for 2013


My beautiful Citrine Sphere with Celestite for bringing in the Golden Light for 2013.

The Citrine comes in a pale yellow to a reddish-brown, golden brown and is transparent.  The name derives from the Greek, meaning as much as Lemon Stone but also stems from the French language, Citron.  The Roman Troops wore this stone on their breast plates to protect them from the evil eye.  The Citrine was once valued into the middle ages as a Sun Stone which granted eternal life.

Much of what is found on the market today, are heat-treated Amethyst.  One can identify those by the much darker shades of orange and amber, and of course by the  difference in the stones’ energy.

The crystal works well with any combination of healing crystals but works wonderfully on its own.  It is used to increase ones clarity of thought, enhance creativity and personal will.

The vibration of natural citrine are powerful and allows us to emerge into the energy of Divine Will, the Universe and supports us in our quest for love and joy.  Blockages become apparent so they may be cleared, it also clears energetic blocks and carries strong manifestation properties.  It also may serve one in overcoming of powerlessness.  Because of its strong vibrations, the cleansing of the Citrine is not necessary.

The Amethyst

Amethyst crystals.

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Regal Gem

This beauty belongs to the element wind and is assigned to the 6th, 7th and etheric (8th and above the head) chakras.  Colors varies from pale to deep grape purple.  The Amethyst has been viewed  as a gem of royalty and priests dating back to the B.C.time line.  It’s meaning “not drunken” derives from the Greek language and it was obviously  believed to prevent drunkenness, along with the power to calm anger.

This stone is rightfully used for protection, purification tasks and curbing overindulgence.  The Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra, thus it is used to aid the user in meditation and to achieve a higher state of consciousness.  Because of its abilities, it facilitates the manifestation of an energetic field of Light which wards of negativity.  The Amethyst is a necessity for any Lightworker and should be kept in every home.

Since it is a stone belonging to the element wind, it stimulates the mind and intuitiveness.  This particular gem stimulates brain function and is often used for psychic work.  Due to it’s very high energy frequency it is always used as a barrier against lower energies, shielding the Lightworker while activating the connection to higher realms.