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Weaning Moon

Follow the Gray Brick Road

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Weaning Moon

This phase starts 3-7 days after the Full Moon.  The energies are getting increasingly weaker, although it signals a great time to take action, be active and mobile.  This is also the phase most suitable for anything about releasing, exhaling, letting go and separating.  Want to lose weight?  Do so now.  End a relationship?  Do so now. Ditch a bad habit?  Now is the right time.  Now is the time to turn off the negative energy of others around you.  The often feared visits to your dentist is best during the weaning moon, however not when the moon is in the Taurus or Aries sign.

All rituals in this phase are targeted towards ending things, eliminating negative energies and letting go.  Your development of psychic gifts benefits the most during this moon phase as well as divination with mirrors, crystal spheres, runes and water.  Banishing spells of course, are most effective now as well.