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Lapis Lazuli



cristaux de lazurite (=lapis-lazuli)

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was the name given to the stone by the Greek up until the Middle Ages and in Latin, it is refered to as the blue stone. Lapis Lazuli carries the vibration of the Number 3 and belongs to Sagittarius in the zodiac sign.   The chakras it is mostly used on is the 5th & 6th (Third Eye and Throat), hence element Wind.  Should you seek higher mind, this would be one of  your best choices since it is associated with the 3rd Eye.  This stone works very well with Moldavite for this purpose.   It enhances dream work and all types of psychic abilities as well.  It is a stress release and  brings inner peace.  If you wish to know your own inner divinity, work with the Lapis.   Traditionally this stone is used to connect with the Gods, so if you are eager for knowledge and understanding, work with the Lapis Lazuli.  It is no wonder why many see royal virtues within this stone.

It is believed that Lapis soothes   migraines, overcomes depression, cleanses organs and lowers blood pressure.  It supports the thyroid, larynx, thymus and immune system.