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How To Quickly Rid Yourself Of Negative Energy


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I haven’t had time to write as of late, my apologies.  I appreciate everyone who reads my articles and hope they will continue to support my endeavors.  As much as I enjoy writing and developing my blog, somehow just everyday life leaves me with little extra time.  My topic today will be brief, however it is effective and useful.

We all have encountered people who left us feeling very uncomfortable without really knowing why.  It could be that we feel suddenly sad, irritated or maybe even ”dirty”.  Their negative energy has affected us and we should immediately cleanse ourselves from it so we don’t bring it into or home or let it have an impact on us throughout the day.

Since it’s unlikely that you have apple vinegar in your pocket, or wish to do a complex ritual cleansing in public which will attract attention you surely do not want, here are some simple, quick and inconspicuous solutions:

Some of us know, that a newly purchased item can be cleansed by blowing on it.  The same can be done if you had an unpleasant contact, either blow on the part that came in direct contact, such as your arm or hand, or if it was an all-around unpleasantness, cup your hands in front of your face and blow into your hands.

You can also clear your head by clapping your hands several times (this can be done quietly if needed), and then let one hand glide over the fingers of the other hand and fling away from you to discard the unwanted energy from you.

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Facial Pampering


Herbal Facial Steam

Get into this routine – steam, mask scrub and tone.  Great for all ages and skin types.  Lets talk about a steam which prepares the skin for a wonderful face massage later on.  Chop a handful of fresh melissa leaves and chamomile flowers.  Pour some nearly boiling water into a heatproof bowl until it is half full.  Scatter the herbs into the water and lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel..  Allow the steam to rise onto your face for about 15 minutes, then wipe your face dry or pat it dry.  Of course, as we know, the steam opens up the pores and eliminates impurities, while the melissa and chamomile are fabulously soothing to the skin.

Follow up with an Avocado, Cypress and Lavender Nourishing Mask

Aguacate / Avocado

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In a bowl mash the flesh of half a ripe avocado, add a spritzer of lemon juice and then add 2 drops of cypress and 3 drops of lavender essential oils (make sure they are not synthetic oil). Vitamins A, D and E from the Avocado nourish and protect The cypress and lemon juice tone and the lavender soothes the skin.  Be generous when applying the mask , and remember to avoid the eye area.  Let the green paste be absorbed into your skin for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and dry face and neck gently.  Also, use the treatment on the day you mixed it.

For my next post we will be making the facial scrub and toner, step three and four of our facial pampering.

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