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Crystals in General


Crystals, our helpers

Blue Purple Red:  Amethyst Crystals

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

Crystals are fabulous stones which are eager to assist us on our journey.  They all have spiritual and healing properties unique to each.  Some, such as Selenite have soft, gentle energies while others are of much higher frequencies.  Others yet have high levels of toxicity.

Using these gems for consciousness expansion and healing has been done for centuries, even millenniums, however just in the last several  decades has it enjoyed increased interest –  perhaps a sign of times?  There has not been a scientific proof that the properties of the crystals are effective in self-healing but for millions of us who live and work  with crystals, we are convinced of the strength and powers within the stones.  WE know how they can realign our chakras, put us into contact with guides and help us dive deep within ourselves.

Crystals have emerged from the earth with a purpose.  The Earth is alive, much more than we have ever imagined, these crystals are of her own substance and her own energies so how can one think the crystals are nothing more but  a “dead” rock, a compound of minerals?  What a gift from our planet’ belly,  let us accept this token of love with grace and use them as intended and return the favor with higher consciousness, love and understanding.