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Mental Enhancer


Image by arbyreed via Flickr

The fluorescence property within this stone has given it its name and is categorized to the element Wind.  The colors vary from clear, white, red, black but most commonly known in green.  It has been refered to as the  vacuum cleaner of the psyche and clears away any astral hanger-ons’ who like to make mischief to your surrounding. Fluorite is known to protect teeth from decay and ache.  It is used to ease inflammation, arthritis, helps against flu and supports the thyroid.

Each color specifies  special properties.  The yellow fluorite magnifies the mental powers and strengthens intellectual abilities while the black is the master in astral cleansing.  The green sibling cleanses and heals the heart chakra and brings balance when the mind speaks differently than the heart. Any of these can be used in conjunction with other stones to enhance the goal you are trying to achieve.  This is a great stone for school and college kids, for it aids in memorization and retaining information and settles worried thoughts and confusion

Lightworkers and healers like this stone, it lets us access to the higher energy field levels.  It helps us to activate both hemispheres of the brain and let them work together.

The Amethyst

Amethyst crystals.

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Regal Gem

This beauty belongs to the element wind and is assigned to the 6th, 7th and etheric (8th and above the head) chakras.  Colors varies from pale to deep grape purple.  The Amethyst has been viewed  as a gem of royalty and priests dating back to the B.C.time line.  It’s meaning “not drunken” derives from the Greek language and it was obviously  believed to prevent drunkenness, along with the power to calm anger.

This stone is rightfully used for protection, purification tasks and curbing overindulgence.  The Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra, thus it is used to aid the user in meditation and to achieve a higher state of consciousness.  Because of its abilities, it facilitates the manifestation of an energetic field of Light which wards of negativity.  The Amethyst is a necessity for any Lightworker and should be kept in every home.

Since it is a stone belonging to the element wind, it stimulates the mind and intuitiveness.  This particular gem stimulates brain function and is often used for psychic work.  Due to it’s very high energy frequency it is always used as a barrier against lower energies, shielding the Lightworker while activating the connection to higher realms.