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New Year is here!


Happy 2013 to all!

The old year surely has brought us many challenges and obstacles.  We have been witnessing the cracking of our various social structures, many of uprisings and breaking away of old thought patterns.

Many of us have chosen to reevaluate our purpose in life, which meant dealing with resolving reoccurring issues in our lives and blockages we have within ourselves.  It has meant diving into the depths, viewing absolutely everything we have tried so hard to ignore, forget, bury and feared.  There is a lot of muck to wade through.  Going through this process myself, I can say, it hasn’t been easy nor pretty but necessary for bringing in the balance.

Many of us wish to  cast off the false matrix our world has been trapped in and reconnect with the Divine PlanGaia too, has been hard at work at making her transition into the next level.  She is eager for us to understand  her not only as a planet but a personality and her own consciousness.    A  global awakening is now taking hold and we should welcome these tumultuous times that come with it, instead of giving into fear.  Fear will keep us locked in the matrix and not allow us to develop our own spiritual consciousness.  However, we also need to stay sceptical and continue  looking behind the curtains, question everything.  A lot  of what has been sold to us as being beneficial to Mother Earth or the Global Community  is in fact more about restricting and keeping us within the Matrix –  it just has a pleasant sounding name to a negative agenda.  Much of the “New Age” stuff actually is intentional disinformation to keep us confused and unsure.

Going over my article I realized how much I got off topic.  I started out wanting to talk about New Year Resolutions and foods, but I will not rewrite, I am sure there is a purpose why I drifted onto this subject.  Blessed be and a grand 2013!

Selenite brings Serenity


Pure Love

gypsum, variety selenite

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This sweet stone with its lovely shimmer  gives off a gently vibration, a fine energy.  For some it is hard to feel for some and it may indeed take a while for it to transform our own energy but it is worth the time and effort you put into this translucent stone.  It instills peace and brings clarity of the mind.  It  clears confusion and filters out our ego based thoughts and disperses erratic emotions.  I keep a large piece in the center of my home to ensure a peaceful setting.

Selenite is great for meditation and spiritual work.  It is claimed that it enhances telepathy between persons holding a piece of selenite each.  The white Selenite in its etherial quality is so pure as if it is between light and matter.  Selenite comes in many colors, white, orange, green, blue and others.  All varieties hold their own quality and are all worth keeping in your home.  Since it opens the crown chakra, it will invite angelic consciousness.

Selenite is assigned to the 7th chakra.  The 7th chakra is the direct connection to our higher consciousness, it also connects us to all that is around us, all forms of life.



Mental Enhancer


Image by arbyreed via Flickr

The fluorescence property within this stone has given it its name and is categorized to the element Wind.  The colors vary from clear, white, red, black but most commonly known in green.  It has been refered to as the  vacuum cleaner of the psyche and clears away any astral hanger-ons’ who like to make mischief to your surrounding. Fluorite is known to protect teeth from decay and ache.  It is used to ease inflammation, arthritis, helps against flu and supports the thyroid.

Each color specifies  special properties.  The yellow fluorite magnifies the mental powers and strengthens intellectual abilities while the black is the master in astral cleansing.  The green sibling cleanses and heals the heart chakra and brings balance when the mind speaks differently than the heart. Any of these can be used in conjunction with other stones to enhance the goal you are trying to achieve.  This is a great stone for school and college kids, for it aids in memorization and retaining information and settles worried thoughts and confusion

Lightworkers and healers like this stone, it lets us access to the higher energy field levels.  It helps us to activate both hemispheres of the brain and let them work together.