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Facial Pampering Part II


Coconut Oil

pretty bottles

pretty bottles (Photo credit: Kvitsh)

– not just for the kitchen!  I am sure most of you out there know about the value of high quality products we use for cooking can also be used for skin care.  Coconut oil falls right into that category as well.

I have stopped using almost all commercially sold cleansers, toners, masks and so on such a long time ago.  I cycle through a variety of lotions and creams I whip up myself.  Using products from your kitchen  work just as well for your beauty care, are less expensive and without a long list of ingredients which no one can pronounce nor understand what it is.  Many of those ingredients have no place in that bottle or jar to begin with and possibly do more harm than good in the long run.  Check out my articles “Stay Away from Phthalates!” , “Keep it Simple” and “Facial Pampering“.

As always, make sure the products are of high quality.  You can pick up organic coconut oil for about $5.50.  One of my homemade exfoiliant consists out of a blend of that wonderful coconut oil and an equal part of Baking Soda (inexpensive and found in most homes!).  It’s ready to use just like that but I like to add a few drops of lemon juice to diminish any dark spots. Other recipes use sugar in place of Baking Soda.   Massage onto face and rinse well with tepid water.  There might be a slightly greasy feeling but the skin absorbs it quickly .  Feel free to follow-up with a light moisturizer if you wish or use a homemade  herbal skin tonic (I have a post on that as well).

I usually make a weeks worth of any of my products since they will spoil and I keep most of them in the fridge.  This exfoliant however,  is a simple and easy, once a week treat for your skin so no need to prepare any more than you need for that day.

Coconut oil has a nearly endless list of possiblities, I have even made toothpaste.  Sounds messy and complicated???   Hahaha -no way!  I like to keep things simple.  All you need is:  Cococonut Oil and Baking Soda…..:) :):)

Stay beautiful!

Stay Away from Phthalates!


No Room for Chemicals

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the endless list of chemicals found in our everyday cremes, lotions and other hygiene products, their harmful effect and in the uselessness in the products overall.  Today I want to dive into this a bit further because we need to be more aware of how these chemicals surround us in common everyday items and even in foods so we can avoid them whenever possible.

I know it is hard to find the time to make all of the skin care items, soaps and household cleaners yourself, I know how much easier it is to just go ahead and grab whatever it is you need right off of the shelves of the nearest store.  However, I am convinced, that we owe ourselves much more than that, we deserve better!

Once again, I would like to bring up the phthalates.  This is a big nasty found in all products which contain fragrances.  It is found in Shampoos, perfumes and cleaners.  This chemical is also used to make plastic soft and squishy and is added into your infant’s toy or in your pet’s rubber chew toy.  This is a chemical, which will lead to disruptions of the hormone system; reproductive abnormalities and it can be an additional cause for higher risks for diabetes.  True, we can’t stay away from this chemical entirely since it is also used in medical tubing and PVC, but we can ban it from our bathroom shelves.  Get into the habit of reading the labels and opt for fragrance free products or choose items that list essential oils on their labels.

Sadly enough, these phthalates have found their way into our foods, a place they most surely do not belong!   My mantra ” keep it simple!!